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I will translate anime songs and more from japanese to english


I will translate anime songs and more from japanese to english


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I provide English translations and/or romaji lyrics (English-letter transliterations) for Japanese songs.

After you give me the necessary information, I will look up the lyrics on Japanese Google and deliver the translation to you as a PDF.

What is the necessary information?

The name of the singer/band
The name of the album
The name of the anime (if it's an anime song)

If you know the name of the anime but not the song, tell me the anime's name, and tell me whether the song is an opening theme, ending theme, insert song, etc. If the song has multiple opening or ending themes, tell me if it's the first opening theme, second ending theme, etc. For example:

"Can you translate the third ending theme song of ____________?"

Disclaimer: Some anime songs have sections in which the singers are just talking in the voice of a character, not singing. Those talking lines are usually not included in official lyrics, so I won't be able to translate them.

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