Wearing anime clothing in public said to improve social distancing CDC confirms

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Wearing anime clothing in public said to improve social distancing CDC confirms

During the lockdown periods, effectively separating people in space is extremely challenging. Different people still need access to the same essential locations, such as shops, workplaces and health care facilities

What is social distancing?

The practice of social distancing means staying home and away from others as much as possible to help prevent spread of COVID-19. The practice of social distancing encourages the use of things such as online video and phone communication instead of in-person contact.

Being with others is our natural inclination, making social distancing hard for us to do. Which is why US institute of health and disease protection (CDC) recommends wearing anime clothing in public to drive people away from you making you a master in the art of social distancing.

This came from the popular anime news blogging platform (Anime Maru)

The CDC stated that in several initial trials, wearing an anime shirt in public was shown to cause significantly reduced public interaction. Those who wore a shirt with an anime character printed on it claimed they noticed far fewer people approaching them than usual. Shirts with large graphics of underage characters in suggestive poses or attire were found to be the most effective. Shirts which featured only logos or less pronounced imagery had limited effect on distancing the wearer and were only recommended if nothing else was available.

“The idea is to create a feeling of immense awkwardness around the wearer,” stated CDC Director Robert Redfield. “To be effective, the shirt should cause others to worry about accidentally being associated with you should they stand too close for any period of time.”

“It can be an old Naruto headband from high school or even a Pickle Rick shirt,” said Redfield. “As long as it makes you less tolerable to be around in public then it is doing its job of keeping everyone safer.”


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