Top 10 Strongest Anime Female Characters (2020)

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Top 10 Strongest Anime Female Characters (2020)

Listing The Top 10 Strongest Female Anime Characters.

There are tons of leading female anime characters and many of these are strong enough to knock down a building or stand toe-to-toe with the male heroes or villains in a fight while very few peaks at that upper level of super strength.

Not only are these characters physically strong and powerful, they are also emotionally and intellectually superior than most male characters in the anime verse. They’re all here in this list of the strongest female anime characters found on TV and in film.

Did you know that anime is a relatively old medium? It has, cool anime characters have been around since the early 1900s The world of anime keeps expanding every year, as we see it become more and more mainstream within the United States. Some of the original anime programs, including “Dragon Ball” had more male leads than females, but they paved the way for the strongest anime women that you know and love today. One of the most popular anime programs, “Sailor Moon,” began airing in 1995, and it featured female anime leads almost exclusively.

With so many female character creations, it’s tough to decipher who exactly are the most powerful. Today’s list includes the strongest female anime characters in history. From slightly powerful to overpowered planet buster and the smart sweet fighting heroine. These anime female characters have earned their places on the list thanks to their long-lasting popularity.

Which one of these popular anime characters is your favorite?



Big Mom Strongest Anime Female Characters animeinterface

Charlotte Linlin, also known as Big Mom, is a major antagonist in the manga and anime series One Piece. She is the main antagonist of the Whole Cake Island Arc, a major antagonist of Wano Country Arc, and one of the central antagonists of the Yonko Saga.

She is the captain of the Big Mom Pirates, one of the Yonko, the matriarch of the Charlotte Family, and queen of Totto Land. She was once a part of the Rocks Pirates along with Kaido, 40 years ago until they were defeated by both Gol D. Roger and Monkey D. Garp. She recently formed an alliance with him and his crew to take over the world before ending their alliance and continue to kill each other. Her bounty is one of the highest bounties in the world at 4,388,000,000 berries.

As one of the Four Emperors, Big Mom is one of the four most powerful pirates in the world. As the only female member, this effectively makes Big Mom the single most powerful female pirate in the world. The Five Elders have stated that she is one of the few people capable of stopping Blackbeard. When her fellow Emperor Kaido, known as the strongest creature in the world, threatened to kill her if she came to his territory, Big Mom simply invited him to try and said he would not be able to dissuade her. Even the Straw Hat Pirates recognize that she could crush them quickly and easily if they fought her recklessly.

Through her strength as one of the most powerful pirates, Big Mom has managed to amass a very powerful crew, as well as several strong subordinates such as Jinbe, a fish-man, and former Shichibukai, and Capone Bege, one of the members of the Worst Generation. She possesses considerable influence within the Underworld as well, having connections to the Vinsmoke Family, which leads the legendary Germa 66. Those who marry her children automatically become part of her crew.

While under Big Mom's protection, Fish-Man Island is protected from pirate attacks, indicating a powerful influence similar to that of the late Whitebeard. She is known to destroy entire countries over sweets and is intimidating enough that even her underlings Pekoms and Tamago, who are powerful in their own right, are afraid of talking to her when she is angered. In fact, almost everyone, including her own children, has been shown to fear her. Ironically, this fear makes Big Mom stronger due to the nature of her Devil Fruit powers. Big Mom's arrival during a battle between her crew and the Sun Pirates and Germa 66 brought great jubilation to her crew, indicating that her presence would likely turn the tide of the battle in their favor. After regaining her memory Big Mom was also able to scare Queen of the Beast Pirates, with the Calamity even admitting that he didn't stand a chance in battle against her, despite having defied her when she was amnesiac over oshiruko earlier. Even after being captured and held by pure seastone chains and kept under the watch of the Three Disasters of the Beasts Pirates, the crew continued to feed her sweets to keep her in a good mood, while constantly fearing her presence alone.



Raygo Kiruin Strongest Anime Female Characters animeinterface

Ragyō Kiryūin is the main antagonist of the 2013-2014 original anime series Kill La Kill, and its subsequent manga adaptation of the same name. She is the CEO of the REVOCS Corporation, a facade textile company whose true goal was to assist the COVERS in the circulation of Life Fibers worldwide along with Nui Harime and Rei Hōōmaru. She is also the chairwoman of Honnoji Academy. She is also the evil, abusive, and daughters-complex perverted mother of the main protagonist, Ryūko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryūin. She was voiced by Romi Park in the Japanese version, and Laura Post in the English dubbed version.

Ragyo is able to activate Life Fiber Override, transforming the Kamui into a variation of Satsuki's Life Fiber Override form and increasing Ragyō's strength exponentially. Unlike her daughter Satsuki, Ragyō is able to draw out the Kamui's full power, due to being a Life Fiber hybrid. With the full power of Junketsu, Ragyō was able to easily move behind Ryūko, stab her through her chest with her bare hand and pull out her heart (despite Ryūko using True Life Fiber Synchronize at the time).

Using Shinra-Koketsu, Ragyō's various powers are even stronger than before. Her endurance is nigh-endless, even without Absolute Domination active; she was unfazed by having a hole drilled through her chest by Senketsu and then being cut into pieces by both her daughters wielding the Scissor Blades, an act that should be fatal for Life Fiber-based lifeforms. Her massive physical strength is also increased enough to shatter both of Satsuki's Bakuzan blades with just the grip of her hands. Ragyō draws even more power from Shinra-Koketsu, undergoing a transformation. In this form, the chest part of the outfit becomes more form-fitting like a corset, the hood of the dress disappears, and Ragyō's hair is styled as a pair of horns, giving her a much more demonic appearance. In this form, her power is even greater than before, enough to overwhelm Ryūko and Senketsu in their Senketsu Kisaragi form.



Shihoiun Yoruichi Strongest Anime Female Characters animeinterface

Yoruichi is intelligent and witty, holding an intimate knowledge of Soul Society and its workings, as she was the former leader of the Onmitsukidō and the Second Division's captain. Although of noble birth, she acts differently from most other nobles, very much like Kaien Shiba. For instance, she instructed Suì-FÄ“ng to refer to her without using honorific suffixes but reluctantly settled for being called "Yoruichi-sama". On several occasions, she transforms into her human form directly in front of Ichigo just to see his reaction to seeing her naked, which she teases him about. In addition, she speaks in a dialect used by elders, such as identifying herself as "washi" (a term usually used by old men to define themselves with), instead of more feminine terms like "Watashi", in both her human and animal forms.

Yoruichi possesses the unique ability to shape-shift into a black cat at will. How she alone, out of all Shinigami, is capable of this is currently unknown. She has possessed the ability for well over 100 years, and it is known to others she knew from that time. She apparently has no set time limit on the transformation, as she had been in this form for over 100 years. In cat form, Yoruichi can still channel her spiritual energy and move at incredible speeds, though she is physically limited. Her transformation grants her a complete disguise, as her voice in this form is deep enough to lead most to assume she is a male.

Yoruichi is immensely skilled in the use of Shunpo. Yoruichi holds the title "Flash Goddess", because she has mastered this ability to the point where she can appear to be in several places at once and wipe out an entire Onmitsukidō squadron in seconds. She can easily close tremendous gaps of distance in the blink of an eye while remaining undetected and can surprise Byakuya, who is one of the most proficient masters in the art as well. She has mastered all of the Onmitsukidō's speed-oriented techniques and has even created some of her own, such as Utsusemi The full extent of her abilities remain unclear, but she was able to outrun Byakuya while carrying an unconscious Ichigo over her shoulder, performing around 300 steps before feeling tired from being 100 years out of practice. Suì-FÄ“ng was able to strike Yoruichi multiple times but was unable to hit her in the same spot twice with her Zanpakutō. She can still perform Shunpo while in her cat form, however, she is not as fast as she is in her true form.



Boa Hancock Strongest Anime Female Characters animeinterface

Boa Hancock is known for her beauty across the globe. Her beauty can be useful for seducing her opponents which can otherwise lead to their defeat. Boa Hancock is the only female member of the Shichibukai and the strongest fighter in the Kuja tribe. Boa Hancock is a renowned fighter and Shichibukai in One Piece. With her Mero Mero no Mi devil fruit, she has the power to petrify her targets. With the Mero Mero no Mi, Boa Hancock has the ability to petrify her opponents by shooting rays of hearts at them. With this ability, she can petrify many people all at once. She can turn non-living objects to stone.

Boa Hancock is capable of utilizing the Busoshoku Haki which allows her to create an invisible shield for herself. With this ability, she has the ability to strike logia users such as Smoker during the Marineford War. Hancock is also capable of utilizing Haoshoku Haki which is the rarest type of Haki. This ability gives her the power to intimidate and knock out otherwise weaker opponents nearby. In her battles during the Marineford War, Boa Hancock has displayed swift movement that allows her to strike her opponents in a quick manner. She mostly kicks her opponents away with her long legs. Her kicks are powerful enough to shatter through solid stone.



Erza Scarlet Strongest Anime Female Characters animeinterface

Erza Scarlet is an S-Class Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild, wherein she is a member of Team Natsu. She also served as the guild's 7th Guild Master during Makarov's absence in X792.

Her particular form of Requip is called The Knight. She is noted for her ability to Requip extremely fast and is the only sword Mage known to be capable of Requipping weapons and armor while fighting, she is said to have over 100 different armors, something which made her and her immense strength well known throughout her place of residence, Magnolia Town, and throughout the entire Kingdom of Fiore, earning her the epithet "Titania" Erza can also project a holographic inventory screen where she can view and organize items in their pocket dimension, as well as add items without equipping it on herself.

Erza is also an extremely talented user of Sword Magic. As the name implies, this is a type of Magic that revolves around the use of swords. Through the use of this Magic, Erza is capable of using her swords to perform different magical attacks. This is usually done in combination with specific armors of hers, which makes her a very deadly combatant. It is also shown that she can also combine different armors with other swords from other armors to either block or attack using deadlier force and mixing different elements together.

Erza is also a skilled user of Telekinesis. The first time she used this Magic, however, was accidental. When she was a child in the Tower of Heaven she used this Magic to levitate discarded weapons from the ground and launch them at her enemies, something which she did inadvertently, due to the shock caused by Rob's death. Erza's most common use of Telekinesis comes with her Sword Magic, in which she can perform different attacks by controlling her swords remotely.

Erza is shown to be proficient enough to able to use a "High Enchant" level of enchantment onto her swords after being thought by Wendy.



Android 18 Strongest Anime Female Characters animeinterface

Android 18 originally named Lazuli when she was an ordinary human, is the twin sister of Android 17 and Dr. Gero's eighteenth android creation, designed to serve Gero's vendetta against Goku. While her interests do not initially deviate from this expectation, her curiosity to activate Android 16, in spite of Gero's orders not to do so, leads Android 17 to take it upon himself to murder Gero. Eventually, Android 18 becomes a member of the Z Fighters, as well as the wife of Krillin and the mother of their daughter Marron.

Android 18 is extremely powerful, able to easily overpower even the typical Super Saiyan. Android 18's power is described to be suppressed compared to her brother, Android 17. Her raw strength is able to casually break free from confines like handcuffs and just as effortlessly lift and toss large vehicles. Her most noteworthy and beneficial trait in battle is her continuous and virtually infinite energy supply, which prevents her from becoming exhausted while also augmenting her attacks. Despite her body being modified enough to be labeled an "android", she is still completely organic, and a human-based model, she can still grow in skills and power level through training. At the same time, her amplified physiology makes her cells deteriorate much slower due to, enabling her to keep up her peak nature without training while still able to grow stronger through also vastly extending her youth and longevity. She also requires no nourishment beyond water.

Her augmented might was first demonstrated when she fights Super Saiyan Vegeta. Despite Vegeta's power is far greater than originally expected, Android 18 quickly overwhelmed Vegeta once getting relatively serious, able to break his arm with a single kick, whose body can endure 450 times Earth's gravity in only base form. Despite the Saiyan Prince landing some decisive blows of his own, Android 18 emerged basically unscathed. Even more, she casually blocks Future Trunks' sword strike with her bare wrist, causing the mighty steel blade to shatter upon contact. Ultimately, in addition to Android 18 being far too strong for the Earth protectors, Future Trunks even noted that her power is considerably greater than her future counterpart, as the future warrior could hold his own for a period of time against both future androids together. However, Android 18 is considerably weaker than Android 16 and Imperfect Cell (who had absorbed several thousands of humans). Seven years later, despite having settled down, 18 is still strong enough to fight on par and eventually defeat Super Saiyans Trunks and Goten simultaneously, who were disguised as Mighty Mask.



Setsuno Strongest Anime Female Characters animeinterface

Setsuno is one of the Gourmet Living Legends, one of the top five chefs in the world, and the long-time Combo partner of world-famous Gourmet Hunter, "Knocking Master" Jiro. There are few in the world who can match up to her unbelievable cooking skills, which are thought to be at a similar level to those of the legendary "Chef Goddess" Froese and "Chef King" Zaus, and her skills are implied to be even greater than the Chef King himself, making her one of the greatest chefs in history. She is also a powerful figure despite appearances and few dare to provoke her in battle.

Setsuno is one of the Gourmet Living National Treasures and is the head of an enterprise with over 1,000,000 employees. Melk the First said that the knife of Setsuno is one of the few knives he got a shock from after seeing. She is also one of the few people brave enough to call the Gourmet Corp. boss an "idiot". Her Full Course Menu contains ingredients with unmeasurable capture levels that can only be obtained from the Gourmet World. However, she has still lost some of her power since her early days, such as the ability of her Gourmet Cells to "adapt" to environments. This is characterized by her having "white breath" in Ice Hell, meaning her cells did not adapt to the cold environment and warm her body accordingly.

Even in her old age, however, she has enough strength to easily pass through Death Falls. She also is able to kill the extremely high-level Scum Beasts the Gourmet Corp. had brought with them with a single blow and can fight on equal ground against an opponent that managed to defeat a member of Biotope 0 (although to be fair Chiyo gained an advantage over Chin when his Food Honor faltered and in the end of the battle Chin was able to inflict the same damages to her as she did to him). It is revealed by some of the NEO members that, out of all the fighters in the Cooking Stadium on both the Gourmet Corp.'s and the chef's side, she is the strongest and has yet to get serious. Furthermore, they believed her to be capable of determining the outcome of the war. The fact that Zaus, a high-ranked chef, Kousairou and Kuriboh, two members of Biotope 0, were sent out to kill her is another testament to her immense combat prowess.

Setsuno seems to be rather capable in martial artistry. She was able to stop and grab Chiyo's knife with ease and parry all her assaults deftly and without accusing damage, showing to be perfectly calm all the time.

Her physical abilities are also top-notch: this was first demonstrated when she leaped up several meters and landed on the top of her huge pot. She is also able to stand and run across liquid bodies by rapidly stepping in place before either foot sinks much like basilisk lizards. During the various competitions of the Cooking Fest, she showcased incredible speed, as not only she "walked" on the water, she even outrun Wabutora and other chefs despite going back to check Komatsu and maintained the lead until the very last moment, when Brunch surpassed her.

Moreover, she was able to fight on par with Chiyo's enforced rapidity and was apparently going to become even faster when Kuriboh grabbed her. She possesses extremely quick reflexes, demonstrated when intercepting Chiyo's knife bare-handed repeatedly, breaking sharp objects thrown at her at close range and effortlessly blocking strikes from her opponent from every and any angle, which allow her to react efficiently to most attacks. Her stamina is remarkable as well since she finished the Triathlon without breaking a sweat. She looked unaffected by the loss of 10 million kilo-calories.

Setsuno can also tolerate pain excellently, as after being weakened by Kousairou and cut by Zaus, who opened a serious wound in her whole body, she spoke calmly but terribly, exhibiting mere fury. She can heal at an incredibly fast rate, regenerating even the damage done by Zaus's Ittou: Rinne Oroshi, which is said to affect the target and their descendants for generations.


Lucy Strongest Anime Female Characters animeinterface

Kaede, also known as Lucy in her mad form or Nyu in her amnesiac form, is the main protagonist and anti-hero of Elfen Lied. Lucy is the Queen Diclonius, an evolutionary offshoot of the human race. In the Japanese version, she is voiced by Sanae Kobayashi. In the English dubbed version, she is voiced by Kira Vincent-Davis in the main series (who also voices Seryu Ubiquitous and Kokoa Shuzen). And Carli Mosier in the OVA.

Lucy can create barriers around her body using Vectors to wrap it up. Hence, oftentimes when she is shot at, the Vectors invisibility makes it look like projectiles - whether as small as handgun fire or even as large as missiles - just outright stop before they make contact with her body. While it should be theoretically possible to penetrate the Vectors’ defense with brute force, it is more likely that she can be damaged by abusing gaps within the Vectors to hit parts of her body.


When she was younger she was strong enough to toss a man into the ceiling

Ripped off the secretary’s head with strength alone in the manga

Killed multiple children at once due to them killing her puppy

Able to slice off flesh like butter

Uprooted a tree and threw it as a projectile

Tossed a 75 ton giant rock at an enemy soldier

As a child, blew away multiple people's torsos and heads very casually

Destroyed most of a building as well as create a giant hole in the middle of the remaining part of the building

Destroyed a chopper with a single attack

Turned a human into a mangled pile of organs

Split a missile in half

Tore through steel as a kid

Tore Kouta's sister and father apart

Destroyed an island using her vectors

Sunk an island using her vectors

Destroyed multiple battleships

Caused a storm

Claims that she has the power to destroy the entire earth though she has never shown destroying the earth completely

Went on a rampage and destroys multiple people, helicopters and buildings

Destroyed multiple buildings at once


Vectors are able to react and block gunfire

Evaded a bullet shot at her point-blank

Caught a bullet before it destroys her heart

Blitzed a group of soldiers before their bullets reached her

Vectors are able to reach outer space in a few seconds

Obliterated a group of Diclonius before they could react

Casually reacted to and blocked a barrage of machine-gun bullets

Stopped bullets in midair

Deflected a caliber 50 tungsten bullet designed specifically to deal with Diclonius' vectors


    Survived sniper round to the head

    Lucy’s shields tanked a SLAM missile though it does injure her

    Survived the explosion of the bombs that were implanted inside Mariko at point-blank range

    Survived getting crushed by Annie's hand

    As a child, caused and endured this large explosion that blew big holes through multiple floors of a building

    Endured getting thrown through multiple metallic pillars

    Took hits from Nana, another Diclonius

    Took a hit from a massive spiked steel ball through her chest

    Took a beating from Mariko

    Survived Mariko's bomb


    Slaughtered ten armored guards and escape a facility

    Effortlessly defeated the deadliest assassin in the military

    Fought and defeated Nana who is another Diclonius

    Defeated Mariko

    Fought and Killed Bandou

    Killed another Diclonius

    Killed Anna, a being able to predict the future

    As a child, slaughtered the kids who tortured a dog in front of her

    Survived being homeless as a child by sneaking into houses, killing people, and stealing their food for 5 years.

    Effortlessly defeated the deadliest assassin in the military

    Caused a 9.2 earthquake

    Threatened to kill every human on Earth with her Vectors by pushing her powers to their maximum output, at the cost of causing her body to degenerate fast.

    Has a kill count which reached up to tens of thousands dead



    Kaguya Strongest Anime Female Characters animeinterface

    Princess Kaguya is the former matriarch of the ÅŒtsutsuki clan, the former partner of Isshiki ÅŒtsutsuki and mother of Hagoromo and Hamura ÅŒtsutsuki. Long before the founding of the hidden villages, during an era of endless war, Kaguya consumed the fruit of the God Tree and became the first wielder of chakra on Earth, before later merging with the tree to become the Ten-Tails.

    Kaguya showed otherworldly powers long before she consumed the fruit of the God Tree. She could perform interstellar travel, subdue people into sleeping, hypnotize them, erase their memories, or even unleash a powerful shock-wave from her eyes, which is able to repel or even slaughter people.[10] Even before eating the fruit, she was able to leave fellow-clansman Isshiki near death, albeit it was a surprise attack.[23] After eating the fruit, Kaguya achieved such unrivaled power that she was able to pacify the war-torn world all by herself, leading the people to worship her in fear.[14] Hagoromo, being a legendary figure himself, praised his mother's might as superior to all others, including his own combined with his brother's.[14] Even at the height of their powers, it took several months for Hagoromo and Hamura to defeat her. Kaguya has demonstrated unique abilities, such as merging with nature to give her control of the environments of her dimensions, such as ice and snow, flight and in the anime, the ability to read thoughts and feelings of a person.

    After eating the God Tree's fruit, Kaguya gained unparalleled reserves and strength in chakra, noted by both Naruto and Sasuke to be greater than Madara's as the Ten-Tails' jinchūriki. In the anime, just a simple release of her chakra could create massive shock-waves capable of subduing Hamura.[15] As the first person to ever wield chakra, she can absorb any technique that she encounters.[26] When making physical contact with an enemy, Kaguya is able to halt their movements while absorbing their chakra.[18] Through her bond with the God Tree, she becomes stronger by gaining chakra from the tethered victims of the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

    Kaguya has shown a degree of unarmed combat skills, as seen from her being able to easily block several attacks from Naruto's omnidirectional shadow clone-assault. She can also move very fast, as shown when she suddenly appeared before Sakura Haruno in the blink of an eye, and later when she reacted quickly to evade Sasuke's teleportation-supported Chidori, even though she first had to switch dimensions. Claiming to be immortal, Kaguya can quickly regenerate any lost anatomy such as severed limbs. She also retained the ability to mold chakra even though she was hit with nine different variations of the Rasenshuriken and only escaped with superficial damage.

    With her absolute mastery of chakra, Kaguya can utilize all five nature transformations along with Yin–Yang Release. She can make use of her extremely long hair as a makeshift weapon for capturing and tossing foes around the battlefield. Kaguya can also create life to serve on her behalf as her will. She can also use the Summoning Technique.

    Kaguya possesses a number of unique abilities, some of which predate those shown in the series and are far deadlier in comparison. The Eighty Gods Vacuum Attack allows Kaguya to materialize enormous chakra fists to attack the target, which is powerful enough to overcome a jinchÅ«riki's chakra arms and destroy a Complete Body — Susanoo with ease. This technique can also be used defensively. She can also harden her long hair to fire countless needles, with enough ferocity to pierce Susanoo, an "absolute defense.


    1. Kefla

    Kefla Strongest Anime Female Characters animeinterface

    In the anime, with the Potara earrings given to Caulifla and Kale as a last resort, they assume the Potara fusion right before they are eliminated by Super Saiyan God Goku. Kefla is one of the most powerful fusions in the entire series alongside Vegito, Fused Zamasu, and Gogeta.

    According to Vados, Kefla's power consists of Caulifla, and Kale's power multiplied tens of times. When she is first born, Kefla herself says she feels infinite power bubbling inside of her, and Goku remarks that her power is so high that he cannot sense a limit to it. Vegeta also notices Kefla's strength during his fight with Top, saying that he felt "incredible energy". On the sidelines, Kefla's power was enough to make even Jiren twitch during his meditation.

    After Kefla is formed Champa states that she is Universe 6's true trump card. When attacking Super Saiyan God Goku, Kefla moved so fast that Goku did not notice her movements until after she appeared behind him. During a brief scuffle, Kefla easily shrugged off Super Saiyan God Goku's attacks, calling them "lame", before easily slamming Goku to the ground. However, Goku was still tired from his fight with Jiren during the entirety of his battle with Kefla, and he was able to dodge and react to Kefla's attacks for the most part.

    When transforming into a Super Saiyan, her power is enough to force Goku to go Super Saiyan Blue, and Champa also notes that he did not expect Kefla's energy as a Super Saiyan would be so high, while Whis notes her power to be "terrifying". Vados, on the other hand, is not sure if she could defeat Super Saiyan Blue Goku when he is at his full power, but Champa believes she can win due to his lack of stamina. Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Super Saiyan Kefla then go on to fight evenly. Goku then goes Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken in an attempt to defeat Kefla. In this state, Goku completely overwhelms her, with the fusion being unable to track his movements. After attacking her with a clean blow from him, severely damaging her and causing the spectators to believe she may be down.

    However, Kefla goes beyond her limit and gets back up, although she admits his attack really hurt. At this stage, it is noted that he only has enough energy left for one more attack - which misses. Kefla was then able to knock him out of his Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken state with a single kick to the neck, doing so by attacking Goku from behind while he was firing his attack, and due to his weakened stamina, Goku was immediately taken out of his Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken and back to his base form. Kefla finds it unfortunate that she was not able to fight Goku for longer and prepares to knock him off. Once the tired Goku activated Ultra Instinct -Sign- a second time, Whis stated that her power as Super Saiyan rivaled that of the Spirit Bomb, which is what allowed Goku to re-take his Ultra Instinct -Sign- form.

    When powering up to Super Saiyan 2, Kefla's ki rivaled that of the tired Goku's Ultra Instinct -Sign- a state in pressure and size, which destroyed the arena around her and sent people flying away. Piccolo also states that she may have surpassed Goku's "earlier level". Kefla claimed she could destroy an entire universe with a single shot with her immense power. Vados assures though that while Kefla's attacks are very strong and fast, Goku's reflexes are still superior. In this stage, she could block a punch from Ultra Instinct -Sign- Goku but was unable to avoid a barrage of solid hits. Once feeling pressured, Kefla was able to intensify her power further - awakening an "unpleasant power", generating an onslaught of ki blasts and lightning bolts that covered most of the arena. Her ki control in this form is also very refined, able to control the path of her blasts and bolts to track Goku, which ultimately allowed her to nick his arm and cut some hair, which shocked everyone. Her energy was so strong that Roshi stated that if one of the blasts were to hit Goku, not even he would survive. However, even with her advantage in raw power, she was still unable to hit Goku in his Ultra Instinct -Sign- form as he unconsciously dodged, evaded and countered almost all of Kefla's attacks - even her last-ditch, final attack, using the Imperfect Instinct Kamehameha, which broke her Potara Earrings - defusing her - and threw her out of the arena.


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