LEAKED: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Gets Ultra Instinct For CAC & More:  Free Update

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LEAKED: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Gets Ultra Instinct For CAC & More: Free Update

There’s a new Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 update announced earlier this morning. We don't have the V-J scans or key visuals just yet we only have English translations of the leaked info. Watch out for the official confirmation as the scans might probably release tomorrow.

In the newest DLC, we're getting Ultra Instinct as a new transformation for custom created characters although there are no further details on whether it would be exclusive to Saiyans, Humans or perhaps all races can use it. We'll never know until the scans comes out live tomorrow or within the week so watchout.

This update was recently announced and translated @DemonBoy who has always been a reliable source for XNV news and updates. Here are some more details about the upcoming functions.


About Xenoverse 2

DB: Xenoverse 2 originally launched in October 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One before jumping to Nintendo Switch in September 2017. A Google Stadia port dropped in December 2019. We scored the game a 7/10 in our original Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 review, with reviewer Heidi Kemps saying, "I might not be the die-hard Dragon Ball fan that many others are, but I can tell through the exquisite attention to detail and the wealth of content that the folks behind Xenoverse cherished the series every bit as much as the fans they're selling it to."

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