Facts About Hunter X Hunter Characters You Never Knew About

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Facts About Hunter X Hunter Characters You Never Knew About

There are a lot of interesting facts you never noticed about HXH characters. In this blog post, we shall learn about most of them ( the least I was able to discover) let's get into it

1. Leorio, Killua, Gon, Kurapica, and Hisoka all have same number of birth month and day


  • 🔴Leorio Paradinight - March 3 (3 3)
  • 🔴Killua Zoldyck - July 7 (7 7)
  • 🔴Gon Freecss - May 5 (5 5)
  • 🔴Kurapika - April 4 (4 4)
  • 🔴Hisoka Morow- June 6 (6 6)


2. All of Zoldyck children's names are like a Japanese word game, they begin with the last syllable/letter of the older

Shiritori, Illumi, Milluki, Killua, Alluka, Kalluto


3. Gon and Yasuke share similar character, design, and personality

Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter X Hunter are similar in a lot of noticeable ways.. Especially in characters (specifically Gon and Yasuke)

🔴 Both wear mostly Green
🔴 Both are main protagonists
🔴 Both follow a small group of characters
🔴 Both are more of adventures than fighting
🔴 Both outsmarts their enemies rather than punch harder
🔴 Both increase their power through rage
🔴Both ranked 3rd in the character popularity poll

Not just Gon and Yasuke share similar characteristics, but also the entire gang of each shows have similar aspects to each other

Gon to Yusuke, Leorio to Kuwabara, Killua to Hiei, and Kurapika to Kurama. Their personalities fit similar roles, although their ages and relationships change the group dynamic a bit. Thematically they are somewhat similar.


4. Gon is the only Anime character that uses a fishing rod as a weapon

Hunter X Hunter is full of plenty of weird items being used as weapons, but I think Gon’s fishing rod is a classic. I kind of thought it was cute when he was training to be a hunter and was using a fishing rod, and then the more we learned about being a hunter the weirder it seemed and some of the situations Gon ended up using that rod are fantastically non-sensical and yet it always ends up pretty effective.


5. Gon lifestyle and personality reflects on most popular anime main characters

This part is too weird to say the least, but some characteristics of Gon are similar to some anime main characters respectively.

Image Description


Gon shares the same voice actor as Naruto. During the 1999 debut of Hunter X Hunter, Junko Takeuchi played as Gon's voice actor Same with Naruto. But she was replaced in the 2011 version with Megumi Han.

Image Description

Guntoki Sakata

Both Gon and Gintoki Sakata from anime Gkntama can sleep with full awareness of everything that goes on around them. Gintoki sleeps with his eyes open while Gon can sleep with his brain activity still

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Goku and Gon have quite a lot in common than you think. They are both naive, can transform into adult form (dbgt goku) and not so brilliant when it comes to numbers and math. But they are ingenious at fighting.

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Gon shares the same birthday with Luffy. Both being born on the 5th of March which is also the date of the children's day festival in Japan



6. Hisoka text emoticon with his facial symbols

Many of us must have watched this particular scene over and over, but quite a few managed to notice the star 🌟 and tear drop 💧 symbol on Hisoka's face appearing as an emoticon in his text with the exact same color. His text which read as "The corpses were fake"


7. Suzaku: a character from Yu Yu Hakuson appeared on Chrollo's book

Suzaku from the Yu Yu Hakusho anime was shown on the left page of Chrollo's book while he was flipping through the pages. It's no surprise why we keep seeing some elements of the anime in HXH due to the fact that they were both authored by the same person.

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